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"Really, I can't envision a more inspiring and well-organized event."

-- SPSQC Parent

2023 Competition

Finalist Juries Selected 



ST. PAUL – November 08, 2022

The 2023 Saint Paul String Quartet Competition (SPSQC) JUNIOR DIVISION, the nation’s premiere event for high school string quartets, will take place in Sundin Music Hall on Saturday April 22, 2023. High School String Quartets from across the nation will be invited to compete. The Jasper String Quartet has been invited to adjudicate.

The newly created SENIOR DIVISION will take place on Saturday April 29, 2023. The jury  will be the Calidore String Quartet. Last April's top prize in the Senior Division went to the Marian String Quartet from Juilliard. The Latimer String Quartet from Curtis was awarded the Second Prize.


The Saint Paul String Quartet competition was founded in 2006 by Artaria String Quartet violinist Ray Shows. Mr. Shows is the Artistic Administrator of this annual event. The SPSQC has now presented 17 National Competitions. Created as a performance showcase for advanced quartet studies, this unique national event has received superlative acclaim by Strings magazine and recognition by Chamber Music America and many of the most renowned teachers in the country. Its stated aim is to “celebrate excellence in string quartet playing (and) foster an increased appreciation for the chamber music art form and enhance the music culture in this country.” The Saint Paul String Quartet Competition is open to high school and college age string quartets from around the country and is always adjudicated by a professional string quartet.

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2022 Senior Division Finalist Quartets
2022 Hoyde Quartet photo 2.png

Høyde Quartet

Grace Alexander & Owen Cromwell, vlns 
Louis Dhoore, viola
Henry Paton, cello

The Marian SQ photo.jpg

The Marian String Quartet

Emma Richman & Sahana Shravan, violins

Cameren Anai Williams, viola 

Wangshu Xiang, cello

2022 Latimer Quartet.jpg

Latimer Quartet

Danny Yehun & Haram Kim, violins

Chih-Ta Chen, viola 

Saisai Ding, cello

2022 Yansu Quartet_edited.jpg

Yánsù Quartet

Ellie Sievers & Josh Liu, violins

Casey Boyer, viola

Hudson Schill, cello

Senior Division
2022 Junior Division Finalist Quartets

Dajj Quartet

Anna Linder & Matthias Koo, violins 
Victoria Phillips, viola
Kate Fornshell, cello

2022 Peresson SQ photo.png

Peresson String Quartet

Katya Moeller & Kelly Kim, violins

Sidney Lee, viola 

Serge Kalinovsky, cello

2022 Sprezzatura SQ photo_edited.jpg

Sprezzatura Quartet

Aiden Daniels & Chance Inouye, violins 
Nazeeh Shahid, viola 
Kevin Hernandez, cello 

2022 Omaggio SQ.png

Omaggio String Quartet

Abigail Park & Tara Hagle, violins

Elinor Detmer, viola 

Jan Vargas Nedvetsky, cello

2022 Selene Quartet photo.png

Selene Quartet

Isabelle Hayden & Edie Zhou, violins

Arian Cezares, viola

Srijani Bhattacharya, cello

2022 WCPE Quartet photo.png

WCPE Quartet

Jaeyee Jung & Sophia Liu, violins

Lauren Southwell, viola 

Catherine Yates, cello

Saint Paul String Quartet Competition
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