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2022 Prizewinners

2022 Peresson SQ photo.png

Katya Moeller, violin 
Kelly Kim, violin 
Sidney Lee, viola 
Serge Kalinovsky, cello 

The Peresson String Quartet, coached by Sang Mee Lee, is comprised of violinists Katya Moeller and Kelly Kim, violist Sidney Lee and cellist Serge Kalinovsky. Katya, Kelly, and Sidney study with Roland and Almita Vamos. Serge studies cello with Susan Moses. They are all Merit Scholarship Fellows at the Music Institute of Chicago
Academy, a program for advanced pre-college music students. The quartet members have been top prize winners in regional, national, and international competitions, and have been participants of numerous music events and festivals. The name “Peresson” is that of Sergio Peresson, an Italian-born luthier of the early 20th century. Both violinist Katya and cellist Sergei play on Peresson instruments, made only one year apart.
Peresson Quartet wish they can play music as Sergio Peresson’s words for his instruments - beauty, clarity of tone, powerful projection and rich sonority.

Peresson plays Bartok

2022 Omaggio SQ.png

Abigail Park, violin 
Tara Hagle, violin 
Elinor Detmer, viola 
Jan Vargas Nedvetsky, cello 

Omaggio String Quartet was formed in the fall of 2020 at the Academy of the Music Institute of Chicago, an advanced pre-college training program. Members of the quartet are Academy fellows Abigail Park and Tara Hagle, violins; Elinor Detmer, viola; and Jan Vargas Nedvetsky, cello. The quartet is coached by artist faculty Mathias Tacke.  
       “Omaggio” is an Italian word that means homage, tribute, or gift. The string quartet would like every performance to be a tribute to the composer and a gift to the listeners. They chose the word “omaggio” to express their love and appreciation for performing, and their gratitude for the opportunity to share music with their audience. 
      Representing cultural diversity in music, Omaggio Quartet members blend Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Colombian cultures and speak several different languages. As solo performers, members of Omaggio quartet have had many individual achievements throughout their musical careers. 
     Omaggio String Quartet has won bronze medal, audience prize and several other awards at the 2021 St. Paul National String Quartet Competition, was a semi-finalist in 2021 Fischoff Chamber Music Competition, has won second place in the Professional Division of Chicago International Music Competition, second place in the 2022 Barnett Chamber Music Competition, honorable mention in the 2022 Chicago National Chamber Music Competition, and was a finalist in the Rembrandt Chamber Music Competition. Omaggio quartet performed in the master classes with Arianna and Cavani Quartets. Omaggio Quartet played numerous recitals in the Chicagoland area, most recently in the Nichols Concert Hall and Lake Forest College and was showcased on the Introductions radio program. In December 2021 Omaggio Quartet was invited to perform live on WFMT Chicago Classical Radio as part of the 70th Anniversary celebration of the station. Omaggio Quartet participated in community outreach programs in greater Chicago area, performing in assisting living facilities and outdoor public settings. 

Omaggio plays Puccini

2022 Sprezzatura SQ photo_edited.jpg


Aiden Daniels, violin
Chance Inouye, violin 

Nazeeh Shahid, violin 
Kevin Hernandez, cello 

Meet the Sprezzatura Quartet! Sprezzatura began in 2021 and is comprised of four very auspicious teenager musicians, Aidan Sinclair Daniels (violin), Kevin Hernandez (cello), Chance Inouye (violin/viola), and Nazeeh Shahid (violin/viola). Sprezzatura is an Italian word that means doing something extremely well without showing that it took any effort. Don’t be fooled by that definition, however! This diverse group of teenage musicians shine because of their diligent practice, good chemistry, and exceptional coaching by New Music School’s premier ensemble-in-residence, the Black Oak Ensemble. Engaging stage performers, the teens’ physical energy and skillful musical interpretations intrigue admirers. Playing the likes of Shostakovich, Dvorak, Haydn, Ravel and Higdon. Sprezzatura traveled to France in August 2021 to participate in the Musique dans le Gers festival. This provided an opportunity to “make music in a nurturing environment that is different from anything they may have experienced before.”* Sprezzatura has presented very well in multiple competitions, including the prestigious Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition 2021. In 2022, they are featuring the works of Jennifer Higdon, one of America’s most acclaimed and most frequently performed living composers. As the Sprezzatura Quartet continues to progress and add their sound and presence to more chamber music, look for more exciting things to come from this impressive young, energetic quartet! 

Sprezzatura plays Ravel

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