Competition Schedule*


FRIDAY – 4/12/19           

Arrival & Hotel Check-in

Confirm Arrival and Hotel check-in with SPSQC artistic administrator

Ray Shows (651) 587-7595

Rehearsal Space Reservation

Ensembles may reserve practice space. The offsite location is open from 6-10pm.

Contact the artistic administrator: Ray Shows (651) 587-7595


SATURDAY – 4/13/19           


Ensemble check-in time at Sundin Music Hall

Sundin Music Hall at Hamline University | 1536 Hewitt Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55104

  • All groups should arrive at Sundin Music Hall 30 minutes prior to assigned sound check time

  • Each group will have an assigned warm-up room

  • Do not leave phones, purses, wallets or other valuables unattended in these rooms


11:00am -12:30pm Rehearsal/sound check in Sundin Music Hall

11:00am – Xena String Quartet

11:15am – Alendo Quartet

11:30am – Odyssey String Quartet

11:45am – Nova String Quartet

12:00pm – BEAR Quartet

12:15pm – The Rader Quartet


12:45pm – Webstream of 2019 Competition begins. Audience enters hall. 


12:50pm – BRENTANO STRING QUARTET seated at Jury Table

Artistic administrator welcomes quartet. Judging procedure reviewed and jury sheets dispersed

1:00pm – HAYDN ROUND begins

Greeting by Master of Ceremonies – Silvester Vicic.


BRENTANO QUARTET introduced to audience.


Haydn Round Performances

1:05pm – Xena String Quartet

1:14pm – Alendo Quartet

1:22pm – Odyssey String Quartet

1:29pm – Nova String Quartet

1:36pm – BEAR Quartet

1:42pm – The Rader Quartet

Winner of "Best Haydn Performance" will be announced at the Awards Ceremony (4:30pm)


2:00pm – FINAL ROUND begins

Greeting by Master of Ceremonies. BRENTANO  QUARTET introduced to audience.


Final Round Performances

2:05pm – Xena String Quartet

2:23pm – Alendo Quartet

2:41pm – Odyssey String Quartet

3:04pm – Nova String Quartet

3:19pm – BEAR Quartet

3:38pm – The Rader Quartet


Local and Online Audience votes for their favorite quartet.

ONLINE POLL will open at approximately 4:00pm on April 13, 2019.

Jury will deliberate and recommend prizewinners to Artistic Director.

4:30pm – Awards Ceremony

Audience Prize awarded

Haydn Prize awarded

Bronze Medals awarded

Silver Medals awarded

Gold Medals awarded

5:15pm – Program Close


6:00pm – Post Competition Dinner for all competing quartets and their families.*


​Location: Cossetta Italian Restaurant in St. Paul 211 7th St W, St Paul, MN 55102

*The Saint Paul String Quartet Competition will provide this meal for the competing quartets.  Parents and other family members are warmly invited to join the competitors but should pay for their own meals.